iPhone 15 Plus vs iPhone 15 Pro: Which to buy? 

The iPhone 15 Plus (iPhone 15 Plus 128GB, iPhone 15 Plus 256GB, iPhone Plus 512GB) and iPhone 15 Pro (iPhone 15 Pro 128GB, iPhone 15 Pro 256GB, iPhone Pro 512GB, iPhone 15 Pro 1TB) are two versions that many users prioritize due to a series of upgrades in design, camera, and performance. If you’re unsure which version to choose, consider the following article.

1. Evenly Upgraded Design

In terms of design, both the iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro don a fresh look, providing a distinct experience for users. The iPhone 15 Plus introduces the Dynamic Island design for the first time in Apple’s standard version, making it easier for users to track information transmission, multitask while listening to music or responding to messages. Its appearance doesn’t differ significantly from the Pro versions.

The back features a subtly textured, color-blended surface with a soft, rounded aluminum edge, presenting a new, light, refined, and elegant look compared to its predecessor. Notably, the iPhone 15 Plus offers a vibrant color palette with five standout colors: Black, Blue, Green, Yellow, and Pink.

On the other hand, the iPhone 15 Pro holds its ground with a durable Titanium alloy frame combined with a recycled aluminum edge, creating the most robust iPhone version yet, ensuring high durability for users. The iPhone 15 Pro also features a new Action Button, replacing the physical mute switch in the previous version, providing users with a faster and more convenient experience.

The iPhone 15 Pro comes in four impressive color choices: Black Titanium, White Titanium, Blue Titanium, and Natural Titanium. Each color option is eye-catching, showcasing class and sophistication for users.

Both iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro have significant design upgrades with the most “sold out” colors today

Currently, the iPhone 15 Plus Pink is the top choice for many users, while the sophisticated Natural Titanium color of the iPhone 15 Pro attracts users the most among the new color options.

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2. Impressive Camera Specifications

The iPhone 15 Plus boasts an upgraded rear camera system with a resolution of 48MP for the main camera and 12MP for the ultra-wide-angle camera. This sets a record resolution for the iPhone, providing significantly improved image quality due to larger pixel sensors and enhanced low-light capabilities.

The camera system of the iPhone 15 Pro incorporates advanced computational photography technology, delivering a default resolution of 24MP, surpassing its predecessor. Notably, this version is equipped with an additional Telephoto lens with 3x optical zoom instead of the previous 2x, allowing the iPhone 15 Pro to achieve nearly double the optical magnification and capture more detailed long-distance shots.

The iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro camera systems have outstanding improvements from Apple

The iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro share certain common features, with both models equipped with a 48MP main camera sensor, enhancing image quality, and an improved camera system that enhances low-light capabilities and autofocus for more vibrant frames.

In terms of professional photography, the iPhone 15 Pro is still highly regarded compared to the iPhone 15 Plus, thanks to its triple rear camera system and a 3x Telephoto lens, enabling users to capture long-distance shots and achieve better portrait results.

However, when compared to its predecessor, the iPhone 15 Plus receives higher praise due to comprehensive improvements in the camera system and accompanying features, particularly with its impressive 48MP camera and 2x zoom capability. Therefore, although not on par with the iPhone 15 Pro in professional photography, the iPhone 15 Plus becomes a popular choice for the majority of users due to its reasonable price. 

3. Significant Performance Differences

In terms of performance, the iPhone 15 Pro utilizes the A17 Pro chip manufactured on the 3nm process, providing a processing speed 10% faster and a graphics performance 20% higher than the A16. The A17 Pro chip boasts over 3 billion transistors more than the A16 Bionic, delivering peak processing power for a smooth multitasking and gaming experience. Despite several upgrades, the iPhone 15 Plus still has certain limitations in image processing and graphics performance compared to the iPhone 15 Pro.

The iPhone 15 Plus and iPhone 15 Pro are both outstanding upgraded versions, leaving many users in a dilemma when making a choice. The iPhone 15 Plus is suitable for users who want to experience a wide screen, enjoy watching movies, or work on their phones. On the contrary, the iPhone 15 Pro is suitable for those who prioritize strong device performance and professional photography capabilities.

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