10 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Special Occasions 

The majority of us consider our hair to be our greatest beauty. It’s never more of a concern than when there’s a big event approaching! After you’ve decided on a dress, you’ll need to decide on a hairdo. As soon as an occasion is scheduled, make an appointment with the hairdresser. If required, a month in advance. Of course, this isn’t always the case.

The sheer number of events that come our way can be an instigator to check out more hairstyles that can be tried out for each new event. After all, you can’t just show up for every occasion with the same style. Whether you are looking for a match for a hairstyle in saree or a hairstyle in gown or similar attire there are numerous wonderful styles perfect for you. So, to fill your arsenal of hairstyles for special occasions here are some of our best hair style wedding

Wrap Around Bun

A classy twist of a low bun, you simply follow the pun and twist several locks of hair around the pinned down low bun for an elegant look. Feel free to leave a few tendrils loose to frame your face to achieve a soft look. 

Pinned back Cascading Curls

For a whimsical look, try this super simple style where you pin back the hair from your crown to the back of your head. This resembles a loose half up half down style and can be further accessorized with floral clips or with flowers. Try large curls for a less severe look. 

Floral Fishtail Braid

A variant of the half up half down look, a fishtail braid is incorporated in the half-up portion for a contrast to the otherwise loose look. Accessorize further with floral or other clips. 

Crown Braid

A classic hairstyle in gown that can also be adapted to be worn as a hairstyle in saree, the crown braid is a staple. Try experimenting with different types of braids for different effects. 

Half up Half down Twist

A simple and classic look, add a twist to the half up half down look by twisting inward the portion to be pinned up for variety. Either tighten or loosen the twisted locks for a more severe or softer look as fits the occasion. 

High Ponytail and Pouf

A simple but versatile hairstyle, the high ponytail can be adapted for the occasion by adding a pouf. 

Low Messy Bun and Pouf

If you’re looking for a classic hairdo with saree then this one is for you. Upgrade the messy bun for special occasions by adding a pouf to the loosely and messily pulled back hair at the top of your head. This is a great hairstyle to show off both a long neck as well as any jewellery or detailings that are in that vicinity. 

Loose Side Braid

A very casual style that can be adapted for special occasions, simply adorn the upgrade the style by incorporating jewellery appropriate for the occasion. This style is more suited to ethnic formal wear and shines due to the adornments placed on it. 


Side Twist

The simplest and easiest of hairstyles, this is achieved by twisting locks of hair at the side of your head and pinning them down at the back of your head. The rest of the hear can be style using heating tools to fit your overall look. 

Whichever style you may find yourself inclined to try out and experiment with before the festive seasons are upon us, be sure to pick designs that reflect who you are as a person and that it would be cohesive to the overall look you are going for. These styles are sure to add the finishing touches to your glamourous look and do let us know of your looks that were inspired by this list!