Delaware Passes Resolution Recognizing FTD Awareness Week 2024

Delaware Passes Resolution Recognizing FTD Awareness Week 2024

Delaware became the third state to officially recognize FTD Awareness Week 2024 (September 22-29) after its Senate unanimously passed the resolution SR23 on June 27.

State Senator Kyra Hoffner sponsored and introduced the resolution to the legislative chamber, citing the story of Jeanne Cestone, one of her constituents. Ms. Cestone, who was present for the vote, is currently managing the FTD diagnosis of her husband Ralph.

“By designating this week, we aim to increase understanding [and] support for those impacted and drive research efforts,” Sen. Hoffner. “Let us unite in this cause and make a meaningful difference.”

California and New York have similarly recognized FTD Awareness Week 2024 by passing resolutions. The week coincides with World FTD Awareness Week, a yearly event organized by a global coalition of FTD-focused organizations – including AFTD – called World FTD United.

Resolutions are official expressions of opinion adopted by a legislative body. Along with proclamations, which differ by being legally nonbinding, resolutions are a tool that FTD advocates can use to bring greater awareness to FTD in their states and communities.

AFTD offers guidance on working with lawmakers to pass resolutions or proclamations that recognize FTD awareness week. Contact [email protected] for more information on how to get started.

Additionally, an upcoming AFTD webinar, to be held this July, will explain in detail how to work with legislators to pass resolutions and proclamations. Registration will open in the coming days — be sure to stay tuned to AFTD’s website and email for your chance to register.


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